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We are proud to offer gourmet and custom dessert menu to suit your taste buds.

We specialize in buttercream cakes. We do not cover our cakes in fondant but,

upon request we can add fondant accents.


                Buttercream Layered Cakes starting at $75.00 & UP
Cupcakes starting at 35.00 & UP
Pound Cakes starting at $45.00 & UP
                         Tipsy Alcohol Infused Pound Cakes starting at $60.00 & UP
Pies starting at $25.00 & UP
Pecan Pralines $20.00 a dz.



mermaid cake 2021.jpg

                                       Custom cakes, cupcakes, and wedding cakes pricing based on  servings per person,
design, design accents and complexity. 

Servings: The listed cake servings per person are approximate cake servings.

Celebration slices:

Wedding slices: "1 x 1" or "2 x 2"

Cake Serving Sizes
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